YATQ 20th Anniversary shows stencil ad on sidewalk in Los Angeles

Photo from an anonymous person, seen in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles (January 2024).

Class: reminds me a little of this one.

0710 CBGB pavement sign, NYC.jpg

We Are Mozzerians are holding an after-party.

These shows are selling like the opposite of hot cakes. Sad to see so many empty seats in an area where Moz shows used to sell out in minutes. Still, it would be nice to see him play The Forum one last time (I was there in '91). I'm keeping my eyes out for last minute deals...
Nobody wants to hear The Lazy Dykes or I know You Couldn't Last.....ever..again.
The closer is, indeed, an absolute shocker. He’d made bad songs before, but never one that really rubs it in, by reminding you he’d once covered the same thematic ground brilliantly.
He should defiantly do a 30th anniversary tour for Vauxhall And I, and I think he just might.
Yes, it would be nice, but it would be nicer with a real band, like the gang he used to be with, Alain and co. Not with these current bums with no skills at all, or at least not skilled enough to play M tunes
This is going to be interesting.
Two Quarry-shows and a week later Mexico.
Will they have completely different set lists?
It seems highly unlikely.
They will go back to the regular setlist in Mexico.
They will go back to the regular setlist in Mexico.

inside information? Very well. But I’m still curious if M will keep any Quarry songs, besides IBEH, on the Mexico, etc dates.

Or maybe he’ll be happy to never do them again after these (I think strange) whole album anniversary shows.
Tickets are $44 now, so it should sell out, although part of the top tier for the 2nd show has been made unavailable. Could be good if he does some Quarry gigs in the UK as he may decide to play theatres rather than arenas which are always better in my opinion.

Just checked and there is still loads of seats open for both Quarry shows.
Even more floor seats available now then when I checked last week.
will be good to hear all the lazy dykes live again,hopefully these shows will go well.
44 bucks is about £35,thats early 2000s prices,cheap as chips,anybody in the area get yer arse down to the arena.
“Stencil” almost sounds like “cancel”.

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