General Posting Policy

Editing/deleting posts

For registered users, posts can be edited/deleted for 7 days after the initial post. If you have a reason to edit/delete a post, please send the link and the reason via the contact form.

Deleting accounts

The usual way to leave the site is to stop using it. If you want to request the account be deleted, send a request via the contact form. When an account is deleted the username is changed to "Deleted user #" on existing posts, similar to the "Courtesy vanishing" policy on Wikipedia.

Anonymous posts

If you want to hide anonymous posts, go to your account preferences and check "Ignore Anonymous/Guest posts".

There is this thread from June 2011: Anonymous posting.

Users may post anonymously on the site but due to abuse, all anonymous posts need to be approved by a moderator before appearing on the site. If you do not want to go through the whole process of having your posts approved, create a login. In general, an anonymous post is not approved if it is off-topic, redundant, or personally abusive. Ideally the post adds some insight to the thread. Multiple anonymous off-topic personal attacks from the same IP will result in an IP ban.

Basically some reasons I like and allow anonymous posting:

  • some users may have something to contribute but are put off by creating a login, especially if they don't use the site often.
  • some users don't want to be associated with an account. Also, given the recent negativity towards the site from Morrissey himself, some contributors may prefer to post anonymously. These are just words on a post, usually it doesn't really matter if 'anonymous' or 'supermozfan' wrote it. The only thing needed for an account is an email address and if it's not obvious, it's pretty easy for people to create an email address without giving any personal information.
  • anonymous people are sometimes the best and most challenging contributors.
See my posts in the above thread. Here are a couple links I posted in that thread and still believe in:

All-in-all, creating and using an account is still preferred - stand behind your words. Create and use a login if any of the below features you think you would find useful: Ability to customize profile and build a reputation, PM other users, edit your posts, ignore other users and keep a history of your posts and responses.

Off-topic / Personal attacks

Off-topic or posts that involve personal attacks may be deleted or moved to the Off-topic fight thread in The Pigsty. Repeated posting of off-topic personal attacks in threads for general discussion will result in banning.

Infractions / Warnings

  • Inappropriate Content.
    Warning points: 1. Expires: 1 month
  • Inappropriate Behavior
    Warning points: 1. Expires: 1 month
  • Inappropriate Language
    Warning points: 1. Expires: 1 month
  • Report abuse
    Warning points: 1. Expires: 1 month
  • Inappropriate Advertising / Spam
    Warning points: 3. Expires: never
  • Returning Troll
    Warning points: 3 Expires: never
Generally users may get warned first without points but as rules get disregarded it will escalate into points. At 2 points the user is put on "Timeout" of 30 days. If continued rule-breaking persists the user will be banned with review of possible reinstatement after 1 year. The ban may be permanent depending on the case. If any attempt to work around the rules, the 1 year timer gets reset (examples: creating other accounts or posting anonymously).

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