Both Quarry anniversary events cancelled (January 25, 2024)

Tomorrow's show in Anaheim is canceled according to Ticketmaster :(

LA show is still on for now...

Posted by SOSB:

27th is cancelled as per Kia Forum twitter.

Links posted by Famous when dead:

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David said he’s at every show.

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So anyway, I don't know what's changed with David's situation, if he can go now, I am happy for him. There were news articles about this, you can Google for them.
How can they actually ban him? Do they have his face up on a poster at every gig?

Morrissey, champion of free speech and enemy/victim of cancel culture bans David for speech on this site and cancels him, you can't make this up.

“Yes I definitely maybe did not say that.”
How can they actually ban him? Do they have his face up on a poster at every gig?
I've got no doubt he can slip into shows at the back without any issues, but I also know that some of the hardcore regulars at the front would happily snitch on him to security if they spotted him, just to get in Morrissey's 'good books'. There are several people on the banned list, and I've seen some of them spotted and tossed out before thanks to these fans.
I am a complete idiot. Flew in from England for this after not travelling far to see Moz for a long time! I got excited about these gigs, they were going to be special for me for many reasons. I’m not keen on flying and now I’m here I’m not even in the mood to see LA, just feel deflated and would rather be at home. You can all say I told you so and you’re right.

Me too! I’m a new ‘fan’ so had only done 4/4 shows- Blackpool ‘22 was my first! Blew me away … now 4/6 … 66.67% … ‘pay closer attention to any fixation you currently have’.

I excitingly tweeted leaving Heathrow at 3:30pm the day before the concert and when I turned my phone on at immigration in LAX … ‘event cancelled’ …. My heart sank …. It was a chance I took and I would probably do it again

Although I may ‘submit a booking request’ to that celebrity talent site … May work out cheaper than 6 flights, hotels and concert tickets
These gigs should never have been announced in the first place. He was never going to show and the band are unqualified to play these songs.

Plus Carmen Vandenberg must have been all of twelve years old when the album was released. It is a but silly isn't it?
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