Both Quarry anniversary events cancelled (January 25, 2024)

Tomorrow's show in Anaheim is canceled according to Ticketmaster :(

LA show is still on for now...

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27th is cancelled as per Kia Forum twitter.

Links posted by Famous when dead:

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Unforeseen circumstances strike again…
Hang on, thats both events!!
Kia still has a ticket link.

Yep, both nixed.
Some hints of practicing by the band up until 22nd:

terrible for those who have travelled a distance. He (Moz) doesn’t give two shits about anyone but himself.
Apparently… it’s because the band hasn’t rehearsed the songs. I wonder who’s behind this. None of the members from quarry are in the band now. And I’m sure that’s a blow to the ego of a very sensitive guitar player….
He is the quarry, of some supernatural jinx nowadays. Sad for all. Talk about a knockabout world.

A nice collection of photos of young Moz here. Someone was requesting some.

I was saying on another thread he should take some time to sort his problems out career & health wise.

If it's supernatural, like something out of the Red Shoes, I guess he'll need a priest.
Of course they were always going to be cancelled. Considering Moz and the band have barely changed the setlist over the last few years did anyone really think they would learn an ENTIRE ALBUM'S worth of material they've never played/heard before??

Still - I hear Viva Morrissey will be playing the album in full at his forthcoming gigs (I suspect that the real Moz stole the idea from him in the first place!)

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