Feb 3, Palacio de Deportes CDMX cancelled according to Ocesa


On Returning


It is essentially saying for health reasons the concert in the City of Mexico, February 3rd has been cancelled. Doctors have ordered him to rest and stay in Zurich. Online purchases will be automatically refunded and for in store purchases, you can go to the same shop you bought from after the 2nd of February for a refund.
The entire South American tour has been cancelled, according to this very website: https://www.morrissey-solo.com/tour/
Yes, it did look like Moz Solo was jumping the gun somewhat. But the entire South America tour has now clearly been cancelled.

I saw the tweet originally posted (https://www.morrissey-solo.com/threads/official-manager-statement-regarding-morrissey’s-health-january-26-2024.151949/) and thought my Spanish was good enough to see all dates cancelled but just ran image through Google translate to verify:

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Yes we all saw that headline in the post on Solo - what was odd though is that nowhere in the article does it say that, and nowhere in the statement from Ocesa does it say that - it only mentions the Mexico City show being cancelled. It's an odd way to cancel a tour. Several sites still seem to be selling tickets for the shows in Brazil.
For health reasons, #Morrissey had to cancel his shows scheduled for the tour in Latin America. For this reason, the show in Buenos Aires, scheduled for February 17 at the Movistar Arena, will not take place.

will refund the value of tickets.

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